Hello there! I'm Sarthak Sharma, a graduate student at Georgia Institue of Technology. 

I am a curious learner and my interests lie in various interdisciplinary fields. I find myself particularly interested in fields at the crossroads of biology and computer science. Lately, I have been exploring analysis methods of sequencing data.

Sarthak Sharma


As part of my Bachelor's thesis, I worked on NGS data analysis projects. It was during that experience that I was exposed to the endless possibilities of NGS-data analysis. The amount of information that can be extracted from NGS data is tremendous. To know more about my bachelor's projects, click on the image above.

When I was at IIT Guwahati, I, in collaboration with the IITG Technical Board, started working on "NGS-TOOLKIT". NGS-TOOLKIT was developed for the students of IITG to enable them to work remotely on next-gen sequencing (NGS) tools and pipelines, eliminating the need of having a Linux-based machine locally. The toolkit is still in active development and more instruction videos will soon follow. To know how this works, watch the video. And, to give feedback, contact me.

Currently, I am pursuing MS in Bioinformatics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Bioinformatics Masters Degree program is offered by the School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech.


I obtained my Bachelor of Technology degree, majoring in Biotechnology, from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati in July 2017. 

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